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How to Wrap Your Hands Properly for Boxing @ 2018-08-16

For those of you who are just starting Muay Thai or boxing, it is important for you to know that wrapping your hands is how much important. Before going to Muay Thai Training wrapping your hands might seem complicated and confusing for you. While your training it is surely you’ve been doing it right all along. Don,t worry if you still in confusion we are here to help you on this topic. By reading this you will get to know how to wrap your hands while muah thai training.

Here are some simple steps you have to follow that how to wrap your hands properly:
- Place the loop around your thumb and begin wrapping around the back of your hand which helps in tighten your hand
- Wrap the loop around 3 or 4 times it provides full support to your hand.
- Now start wrapping your thumb with your wrist as well. Know after that wrap around your knuckles as well.
- Now, wrap once in between each of your fingers.
- With the remaining wrap, go around your wrist for additional support.
- Finish by securing the Velcro strap around your wrist.
Learning how to wrap your hands properly will not only stabilize your wrists but also protect your knuckles. In any sport or can say in Muay Thai hand positions are main so it is better to protect them. Muay Thai has a number of different hand positions, but typically you often see a very square, high guard style hand position with either the hands close to face or extended out a bit. So for this or any other position you should wrap your hands properly.
By following these simple steps, you’ll be ready to face the punching bag or your opponent in no time!

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