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"Superjeng" is desire and has the trick to fight. @ 2016-11-28

Phu Pheannaphat is glad for his beloved boxer named Superjeng P. Peannaphat after he has come back to fight in the big program on Suek Kertphet of last 25th November, 2016. Besides, he is here to practice himself all the times , and now he is ready to fight with Eakwayu of Bangkokthonburi for sure after fighting through several channels. Then, in this time he will come back to fight at Lumphinee boxing stadium again, and it is sure to win Aekwayu.

For Suek Kertphet on this Friday of 25 November, 2016 ,Chun Kertphet has made the interesting lists to watch ; namely, Saknarinnoi A. Auansuwan fighting with Pomphet Singbangsrang in 115 pounds following by the second one or Aekwayu of Bangkokthonburi fighting with Superjeng P. Peannaphat, Kaka Paemeanburi fighting with Kongsak Sorsor Pakorn , the new small boxer with good form named Sansak S. Bunyiam fighting with Chamuakphet Sitdabwad , Eakphairin Sitnumnoi fighting with Yodphayak Sorchor Lekmuengnon, Kaichon Sriphanomyim fighting with Fahkhamramphetphayathai and Datenarong Phrathannoikaokhao fighting with Orono Nortor Bunthan.

Phu P. Peannaphat has revealed that Superjeng always fights at the boxing camp all the times without come backing to his home. Moreover, he performs his tasks excellently , and now his body condition is perfect to be ready for fighting at the boxing stadium surely. Thus, the Muay Thai fans shouldn’t be worried because Phu will fight with Aekwayu or the similar shape boxer in good form absolutely. Similarly, he is really glad to come back for fighting on the normal day again after travelling to fight on several channels from channel 5 , channel 11 , channel 7 and Now channel.

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