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"Ken" will fight so hard with "Khwandome" for sure. @ 2016-09-19

Now, Ken of M. Andamman still has the hot form until Wittaya Phetsemeun would like to make him in the list on Suek million baht Phetwittaya. Besides, he will fight with Khwandome Tormeanburi in 118-119 pounds to favor the Muay Thai fans at the boxing stadium.

Now, Wittaya Phetsemeun is preparing to make the lists of the couple boxers on his boxing camp for the million baht of Phetwittaya program and Suek One Thong Chai. Then, there will be Khwandome Tormeanburi or the well-known one of this program to fight again after overcoming Phetmeungya Sudsakorn Muai Thai Yim with several scores. However, it shouldn’t find any couple one for him , so it should negotiate to ask for the couple one in Palangmai group. Additionally, now the promoter is interested in Ken of M. Andaman or the new famous star by being confirmed from Sia Sommai Sakulmateta to fight in 118-119 pounds. Then, it is confident that it might call for the good rating from this couple one to have the crowded of the Muay Thai fans for sure.

Consequently, Wittaya said at the end that in the next program of Suek Phetwittaya , he will setup for another million baht program for Suek Phetwittaya plus Suek One Thong Chai. Similarly, now Khwandome can’t find the suitable one to fight ,except for Ken from Palangmai group because of his hot form.

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