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"Moo" will support fully for "Sudrak" to show the superb form. @ 2016-07-20

Sia Moo Phuket or the owner of S. Weeraphon boxing camp is certainly on his sight that Sudrak S. Weeraphon will become to be the leading master one in the future. And, now T. Phathak S. Chulasane will continue to support Sudrak further without letting him to move into Cinbee Muai Thai boxing stadium for sure.

Sia Moo said that now Sudrak S. Weeraphon from Songkhla becomes to be the well-known and master one after knocking Samaek Rawee Muai Thai Yim severely. Then, he mightn’t let Sudrak to move into another boxing camp , but Sudrak should be registered to be the boxer in his boxing camp for a long time instead.

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