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"Sing" is waiting for becoming the well-known one again. @ 2016-03-10

The champion of channel 7 or Sing Pharanchai has confirmed about the making of full performance and the setting of the goals to win for 2 matches for becoming the well-known one surely.

After Sing Pharanchai has disappeared himself for 3 months due to his nibs have broken, lately he has recovered from his illness and kept himself in the room all the times. Thus, on this Sunday of 24th January 2016 he might prove his performance to fight with his old proponent or Choknamchai S. Siaphet again on the big match at Samui Island. Moreover, now the channel of now 26 might broadcast the program to assist the Muay Thai fans throughout the country to watch this game.

Lately, the reporters have been revealed from Sing Pharanchai about the readiness that this time his hurt has been recovered. Then, it should thank you for Kodea to take care of him well as well as his Muay Thai fans to send the encouragement to them. Therefore, on this 24th January 2016 he mightn’t make the disappointment to anyone by setting the goal for fighting in another 2 matches before letting everything to put in the place.

However, it has accepted that he has lost for the chances and times from this accident. Therefore, he can’t be the careless one any more , especially for Choknamchai or the strong one , but he is still confident in his training to make the goal complete. Finally, everyone should send him the encouragement too.

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