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"Nueng" hopes that the new blood might replace of the old blood. @ 2016-02-29

Nueng or Suttipong Rodaem or the big boss of Kesayim has accepted that in the period of time that Rungphet Kertchareonchai is the well-known one it doesn’t know that where Mongkollek of Kesayim has stayed at. Fortunately, now Mongkollek has the good form as same as Rungphet ,except for his strength and his name to be worse than Mongkollek. However, Rungphet is the diligent one with devoting himself to work much , so he might become to be the great one also in the future , especially for his diligence , good attention and good devoting.

In addition, the big boss of Kesayim said that he has remembered that in the past Rungphet has fought as the master one of the millionaire program at Lumphinee boxing stadium on channel 7 on many years ago. However, at that time it still doesn’t know Mongkollek on this boxing circle. On the other hand, now his form is better as now with his diligence and good devoting in order to become the great boxer of this boxing circle also.

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