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"The lawyer K" has confirmed that he mightn’t left this boxing circle @ 2016-02-10

The lawyer K or Khamin Phunkhlongtan has thanked for all after they have sent the encouragement to him , and he has confirmed that he still loves and would like to support this boxing circle further. Besides, he has revealed his mind that it seems that he was dead and reborn himself ,especially after he has gained the encouragement from his children and wife to spend his good life.

After the lawyer K has disappeared himself from this boxing circle for 3 months by taking a rest on the hospital , lately it has the news that now he has taken a rest at home now. Then, he has revealed his mind to the reporters of Muai Siam with his not clear voice, except for his fresh face that that at first he has lost his confident much with his illness. Fortunately, he has his good encouragement from his children and wife who always sit beside him along the times. Indeed, he has to stay at the hospital before due to his less relaxation until he has got the severe illness named Keerangkaley that only 1 of 100,000 people take this disease. After that , he has stayed at Thonburi hospital , and he can’t open his eyes due to his hard tongue and numb. Then, at that time he has to use his legs to write the sentences and being injected to his body by losing his money for 100,000 baht per needle. At all, he has spent his money along this curing for 3 million baht ; fortunately he has come back to walk normally.

Therefore, it should praise for his children and wife to take care of him well , and now he has charged of some matches already , especially for the matches at Om Noi boxing stadium that is located closely to his home. However, now he should take his exercise as well as practicing his eye sights and his mediation , and it should thank for all encouragement. Finally, he has confirmed that he still love this boxing circle and would like to support this circle as the same way. Then, if he has his better body condition , he might come to the boxing stadiums to meet all of people for sure.

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