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"Newsangthain" is really proud to fight in 119-120 pound. @ 2016-01-10

Newsangthian Pakornpornsurin is really glad to become the new star for being the gift of himself on this 19th December 2015. Then, he would like to fight in 119-121 pound only without bargaining his weight.

Then, lately Newsangthian Pakornpornsurin or the disciple of Teacher Winit Tanchad has won the scores of Phetbunsong Phetchinda or the champion of 5 stars chicken beyond the expectation. Therefore, this game has setup on Suek Muai Dee Witheethai at Lanthungchang of temporary Thai boxing stadium in Trang province on last Sunday of 13rd December 2015. Additionally, in the earlier he has lost the game for 3 matches continuously on million baht of CP Fresh Mart. As the result, he has revealed that now he is really glad to overcome his couple one as the gift for himself as well as being diligent to practice himself newly after he losting for several matches before.

For the weight to fight , Teacher Winit has revealed that he would like this boxer to fight in 119-121 pounds after he has fought in 122 pounds with his more disadvantages on his shape.

Therefore, it is confident that New Sangthian might come back to create his new work by fighting in 119-121 pound.

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