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"Chaointree" is ready to fight on this match. @ 2015-11-02

Nin Donmeung is confident in Chaointree Kerttichareonchai or a 18 years old man from Satoon province to have his better body condition after practicing continuously. Then, he would like to born to be the new star for fighting with Sakmongkol Sakburiram with funniness though he might have his more disadvantages than his couple one. However, it has quaranteed that he might fight for his Muay Thai fans surely.

After Chaointree Kertchareonchai might have his program to fight with Sakmongkol Sakburiram on Suek Muai Thai Ched See of this Sunday of 18th October 2015 at 12.45 a.m. Besides, lately Nin Donmeung has confirmed for the practicing of Chao Intree that now his body condition is better for fighting at Bangkok. Thus, it should accept that his performance is the second subject , but this couple one is ready to be the new star with his much famous name. Then, he has his good attention to fight on this match , so the Muay Thai fans should follow and cheer up him in this match surely.

Nin said that for this match he has practiced for being the new star by fighting with funniness without any problem on his weight in order not to be the loser one.

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