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"Khundate" is energetic because of his full encouragement. @ 2015-04-05

One of the twin in Thungsong or Khundate Paranchai has announced to fight with his full performance without making disappointment to everyone surely. Whilst, the Deputy Chief Executive Ronphibun Withun will encourage Khundate by putting boxing headband to him prior to fight on the real match.

The Surgeant Biew has revealed to the reporters about the progress of one twin or the well-known boxer from Thungsong that after the head boxing camp or Kodea or Pharanchai Adithepworaphan has altered his name for Mafiangnoi Ch. Rojsurang to be Khunkrai Paranchai because of his winning to Leklai Ch. Pradit for favoring of the Muay Thai fans in Thailand , on this Sunday of 15th March 2015 it will be the queue of one twin or Mafianglek with the new name as Khundate to fight with Chokdee P.K. Sanchai Muai Thai Yim as the Second couple boxer in Suek Muai Thai Ched See. Then, the Surgent Biew said about the readiness of his boxers in Paranchai boxing camp that they are ready to fight of course , especially for Mafianglek or Khundate to devote his effort to fight for the Muay Thai fans in Thailand. As the result, with his good practicing he might be surely to be the winner of the match because of his diligence, good attention and good supporting from the supporters, such as the Deputy Chief Executive Withun to send encouragement to him by preparing to remove the boxing headband from his head. Then, the Muay Thai fans in Thailand might not be disappointed about this game absolutely.

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