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It is amazing for "Weerachai" to show the Thai arts boxing style. @ 2015-01-04

It should admire for Weerachai W. Wiwattananon as the great one to use Thai arts boxing style excellently; moreover, there is less Thai boxer in this age , who use Thai arts boxing style beautifully , especially for his dangerous kick to Mongkolchai Kwaithongyim to be knocked before. Lately, he has used his left kick to kick on Nuengthep’s nape for two times prior to use his right kick on his couple boxer face to knock this couple boxer on the second round too.

For this coming back in this time, Weerachai W. Wiwattananon or one of the talented boxers in Thailand can show his good performance beautifully, especially for his latest form to knock Nuengthep Samami nicely in the second round. Then, now he becomes to be the leader couple boxer of Suek Phetchaopraya on last Monday of 15th December 2014 with beginning point of kicking with the left one on Nuengthep nape until he fell down prior to be kicked by his right kick to be knocked on the floor. Thus, this knocking is the beautiful one to gain applause loudly with people’s admiring in his excellent Thai arts boxing style performing , especially for his kick that he has used to knock Mongkolchai Kwaithongyim before.

Somsak Sanyakorn or the one talented trainer said with admiration that it is the superb and beautiful Thai arts boxing style that everyone has admired , so he should receive the prize more than only showing of kicking on the boxer’s nape. Besides, it is rare for seeing any Thai boxer to use Thai arts boxing style for this age.

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