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"The Colonel Chat" confirmed that "Lamsing" might become the famous one. @ 2014-12-15

The Colonel Chate is really confident to send the new star boxer or Lamsing S. Dechaphan to fight on channel 7 for the first time in terms of becoming the well-known one ; he is the fight boxer to be believed for overcoming Phetrung Khwaithongyim surely. Then, it should advise for the Muay Thai fans to watch this game although the couple boxers in this program just fought in the standard one for not many matches.

The policeman , who really loves Thai boxing or police captain Surachate Dachaphan revealed to send another new star boxer of channel 7 to fight on this channel without making disappointment to anyone ,especially for Lamsing S. Dechapan or the brave one to fight so hard. However, although he has fought in Bangkok not many times, he can win the strong one from South of Thailand in several times. Thus, it is not in easy way for letting Phetrung Khwaithongyim to defeat him on this 14th December , and in this match Lamsing might become the well-known boxer without problem absolutely.

The Colonel Chat reveal that Lamsing is another new star boxer although passing into the standard one not many times ; however, his strength is absolutely perfect. Thus, the Muay Thai fans can watch for this program to be sure that Phetrung might overcome his couple boxer although he has never fought on channel 7. As the result, this couple boxer might be the top one of this program.

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