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See the freshness of "Chaimongkok" to fight in this match. @ 2014-11-05

It is the correct couple boxer to fight that the promoter Thongchai Rattanasuban would like to let the Muay Thai fans in Thailand to watch on Suek One Thong Chai One Phiya on this Thursday of 23rd October 2014 between Chaimongkol Sujeebameekaew facing with Kumarndoi S. Chitphakdee as the good couple boxer in Suek 100,000 baht of One Thong Chai program at Rachadamnern Muay Thai stadium.

After setting up the big match super fight , the promoter Thongchai Rattansuban has selected the good form of couple boxers to gather up at Rachadamnern Muay Thai stadium beginning with Chaimongkol Sujeebameekaew or the hot millionaire from 7 matches to face with Kumarnkoi S. Chitpakdee. Besides, lately, he has knocked Yodmanut Huarongnamkhang at the Thai boxing stadium. Then, this time it has the agreement to let him fight in 110 pounds differentiating from Kumarndoi to fight in 112 pounds. Thus, both of them are excellent to fight in this match ; for example, Chaimongkok has his fresh form with good shape and good strategy. On the other hand, Kumarndoi has his more experiences and good strategy with dangerous elbows. Thus, although this couple boxer has never met with each other before, the promoter Thongchai is really confident about this couple boxer to make the list as the master one.

For Krian Chit Phakdee , it is really confident that Kumarnkoi can win his couple boxer not difficultly , especially to face with the junior boxer including to be bargained weight. Thus, although the Muay Thai fans in Thailand doesn’t cheer up him much because in the last match Kumarnkoi has his more advantages than Yodmanut to fight, he has performed his good task to fight so hard in the third round. Then, in this match he has more weight for 2 pounds, it can predict that who will be the winner surely.

For other couple boxers, there will be Phetmuengchon P. Suanthang facing with Pheankon T. Surat , Siayai Luakmuengphet facing with Phetsuphan P. Daewrungriang , Roichiang Ch. Choinatawee facing with Phrakaithong Sorchor Wichitphadraew , Yokphet Kertphonthip facing with Datewichit Sorchor Wichitpadraew and others.

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