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Fighting in 137 pounds should be tried. @ 2014-07-28

Yodwicha P. Bunyasit is ready to fight with Phetbunchu F.A. Group or the old opponent ; besides, it is found that he has fought in 5 times with winning twice times and tie-up for once time. Then, these 2 winning works are in the same level to fight in 137 pounds ; however, although he is tired , he still would like to do his best. On the other hand, Tone T. Rungtip would like to let their 2 sons or Champ and Pian to train him fully

Moreover, although it will be the sixth time to fight between Yodwicha P. Bunyasit and Phetbunchu F.A. Group , they still do their best and be admired from everyone. Lately, they had grasped the excellent prize from Kela Award in Suek Phetyindee for the big match on this Tuesday of 8th July 2014 at Lumphinee Muay Thai stadium setup at Ramintra Muay Thai stadium in the second kilometer. Besides, Yodwicha has practiced himself at Cha Tui Sangmorakot boxing camp by having Champ and Pian or the 2 sons of Tone T. Rungthip Muay Thai Camp to take care of practicing. However, this trainer is away from take caring in this subject by having 2 sons to assist. Moreover, now Yodwicha has keeping practiced for 2 weeks now for being ready to fight surely.

For the weight in 137 pounds , the reporters have asked on the day that Yodwicha has come to take care the fight of Nantawat at Lumphinee and he said that he has to reduce much weight with his doing on the best. However, for the fight with Phetbunchu he had fought for 5 times and winning for 2 times and losing for 2 times and tie-up for 1 time with the same work.

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