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Maruai would like to grasp the Muay Thai champion as his aspiration. @ 2014-06-28

Maruai Sitcheapond asked for the promoter for grasping the champion again in his life in 140 pounds for any institute ; besides, in the previous time he has showed the hot form to win for 5 matches continuously , especially to teach the strategy for Yuttachai Kertphattaraphan beautifully. Thus, if he is confident in this match , he might not miss to be the champion for sure.

Maruai Sitchaepond or the excellent boxer from Burirum has won for 5 matches continuously including at the countryside Muay Thai stadium to win for 10 matches. Thus, now he would like to grasp the champion again in his life due to none match to be the champion. On the other hand, now he has his good form that shouldn’t miss in order to be an honor. Then, the promoter should give him a chance to grasp champion in 140 pounds after he has won in Bangkok Muay Thai stadiums for 5 matches and the countryside ones for 10 matches. Therefore, the promoter should consider about this subject for him also.

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