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"Rungnarai" is assured to defeat "Samdee". @ 2014-06-18

Sudchai Phumphrakone commanded his disciple or Rungnarai Kertmu 9 Camp to show his excellent form to defeat Sam Dee Phetyindee Academy because this match is one of all hard matches and lately Samdee has showed his fresh form to overcome One Chai or Rambo Esarn also. However, Rungnarai believes that he might defeat his couple boxer to pass into 5 stars chicken boxing program in the next match.

After competing for several months , now 2nd Millionaire 5 stars chicken boxing program has turned to the Semi Final round already by having 2 couple boxers ; namely, Samdee Phetyindeeacademy facing with Rungnarai Kertmu 9 Camp in 108 pounds and Thanadate T. Pran 49 facing with Phetluakfang Ch. Pinnarat in 110 pounds. Later, they will fight in Suek Muai Dee Witheethai on this Saturday of 7th June 2014 at Imperial Ladprao Thai boxing stadium. Furthermore, this match might be one of all hard matches for Rungnarai due to the fresh form of Sam dee to overcome One Chai Rambo esarn , but Rungnarai is still confident about his good form.

Sudchai Pumphrakhon said that for this match , he has confirmed that Rungnarai should show his excellent form to defeat his couple boxer although Samdee just show the fresh form to win One Chai Rambo Esarn with several scores. However, he is assured about his form as well as Sudchai to believe in his disciple's talent.

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