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"Thepsuthin" walks in the bright route. @ 2014-05-30

The director Sukthad Phumphanmung is assured that Thepsuthin Phumphanmung might show his good form to pass into the deep round of 4th year Weber Tukkae of course. Then, he might not be the loser for sure because they are in the same weight as well as his good experience.

The big boss of Phum Phanmueng said that after Thepsuthin Phumphanmeung can overcome the score of Kongchak P.K. Sanchai Muai Thai Yim in 4th Weber Tukkae on Suek Chao Muai Thai at Om Noi Thai boxing stadium. Now , this time he has kept himself in the Thai boxing stadium , so he is confident that Thepsuthin Phumphanmueng might pass into the deep round of 4th Weber Tukkae if he isn’t the unlucky person. In addition, in the next round he might face with Nontachai to pass into the next round. Therefore, he is really confident that he might pass into the deep round after being disappointed from Muai Isuzu for once time. However, now Thepsuthin seems to pay attention to the game much , so he might pass into the next round not easily.

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