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Good Muay Thai Training for "Kengkhla" to show his good form. @ 2014-01-09

Ouan Chitmeungnon is satisfied with the training of Kengkhla P. Pekko muay thai training campmuch after he has taken care by himself at Chit Muengnon boxing camp all the times. Then, On this Friday of 27th December 2013 , Kengkhla might face with Phet A. Phimonsri. Moreover, It is certainly that Kengkhla might show his better form than the last match in Chumporn province because of his good body condition. Thus, On the next match , he would like to fight in channel 7 again.

In addition, For this time Kengkhla S. Chokkitchai has already moved into Ouan Chitmuengnon’s boxing camp and had fought for 1 match now by overcoming the score of Rungubon Sakami beautifully at Chumporn province. Then, On this Friday, he will face with Phet A. Phimonsri as the master couple boxer of Suek Kertphet for sure.

Ouan Chit Muengnon revealed that " For this match , Kengkhla has come back to practice with me at Chitmuengnon boxing camp. Moreover, I have taken care him in everything although normally I don’t have much time to do. However, Because I woule like to see his perfectness of training , I have the good attention to take care of him to train himself all times. As the result, It should inform to the muay thai fans that " For this match, Kengkhla has his excellent body condition , so it is surely to show his good form with my training , and I would like him to defeat Phet and fight with channel 7 for once time with the supporting of Sia Chun.

Therefore, There are other hot couple boxers that the muay thai fans in Thailand would like to watch no matter of Oungree to face with Prachanbarn or the old age 600,000 baht couple boxer , Thailand to face with Fahsuchon. Besides, Now it still don’t know that whoever will gain more money than another. On the other hand, Phanomrunglek Kertchareanchai won’t fight in this match due to his swelling of one leg. Then, There will be Chainoi Worawut Camp to fight instead with Chamuakphet Luakphrabat , Teelek Rachanon muay thai camp to face with Sprinter Luak Borkor to gain a lot of money as well as Mangkornkhao Sitkhaewphrapon to face with Kitti Sakrangsit to fight the actual winner.

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