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"Chuchareon Dabransarakham muay thai camp " might be the winner of the Semi Final round. @ 2013-12-20

Chu Chareon Dabransarakham muay thai camp has showed the hotter form , so now Lieutenant Ran or Niran Yotsapon has been confident that now Chu Chareon is ready to face with whoever in the semi final round because he is diligent to practice himself. However, it shouldn’t be careless or expect to fight in the final round with not taking a look in each fight to show the good form.

Moreover, From the outsight boxer in the announcement day due to the more disadvantages than other boxer, now Chuchareon Dabransarakham muay thai camp has been famous and being the top boxer of Frukthiangroup program after he had showed his excellent form to defeat Khwanaek S. Suphab nicely to pass into the Semi Final round as the first rank.

Then, On this fight , The lietunant Niran Yotsaphon or the head boxing camp and the vice president of Muai Siam North Eastern club revealed to the reporters of Muai Siam that Chuchareon had showed his impressive form to be the winner on the last match , so I believe that now he is ready to fight with whoever on the boxing stadium.

The Lietunant Ran said that "On the announcement day , it should accept that Chuchareon doesn’t have much name ; however, now he is the good future boxer with his hotter form by defeating Khwanaek. Then, Now he is ready to face with whoever in the Semi Final round with no careless or not taking for granted of each round. Besides, I believe that he might be the champion with his trying at the best in order to pass into the final round."

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