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Sittichai had kneed up Daterit to be the winner of Suek Muai Dee Witheethai. @ 2013-12-10

Sitthichai Sitsongphenong had protected Muai Thai Champion in Weather weight beautifully by using his strength to knee Daterit Phobtheeratham severely. However, Although Daterit tried to be patient , he couldn't stand on the force of Sittichai until being the loser in this game. Thus, Sitthichai has been the winner with the difference of several points to protect for his champion and being as the master couple boxer of Suek Muai Dee Witheethai broadcasted on last saturday of 23rd November 2013 at Imperial Ladprao muay thai stadium.

For Suek Muai Dee Withee Thai broadcasted on last Saturday of 23rd November 2013 at Imperial Ladprao muay thai stadium , there was the master couple boxer or Sitthichai Sitsongpheenong to protect his champion of Weather weight Thailand with Daterit Phobtheeratham in 147 pounds for the open rate of 11-8. In addition, Sittichai had won Daterit in the last match before , but this time there was the referee to judge of the game or the commander Chirawat Iniam. Moreover, After finishing of the first round , Sitthichai had score 5-4.

For second round , Sittichai walked into Daterit and used his fist to fight ; however, Daterit didn't want to have disadvantage, so he tried to chin up and kneed Sittichai. However, Sittichai had used his fist to protect. Then, After finishing this round , Sitichai has score 5-4 and Sittichai had fought faster by chin up , using his fist and elbowing hardly. After that, Sittichai had kneed up for several times , so Daterite couldn't do anything to protect. Thus, Sittichai had score of 8-1.

For fourth round , Sittichai didn't care about anything and walked into chin up mixed with using his fist and kneed up Daterit, so Daterit tried to protect by chin up his right way severely to Sittichai. However, at the end of this round , Sittichai had kneed up Daterit until he had been exhausted to fight with the score of Sitichai 25-1.

For the final round , Daterit had fought with his all forces to use his fist and chin ; however, Sittichai had the chance to chin up to protect himself and kneed up to control the game. Thus, Sittichai had more points than Daterit for several ones. At the end of the final round, Sittichai had fought with comfortable way by chin up and knee up to control the game. Finally, He had won Daterit with several points for 50-47 from the judge of the referee or Phaithoon Kobkhlang and 49-47 by the judge of the referee or Anan Makesawan as well as 49-47 from the judge of the referee or Sinchai Chunlawong.

Moreover, For other results, it was fond that Nuenglanlek Chitmuengnon knocked Phothailek Phakornpornsurin in the second round , Yodsusan S. Choknittaya knocked Owen S. Sornsin in the fourth round , Mangkornkhao Sitkhaewphrakon tied up with Kitti Sakrangsit muay thai camp with funniness , Harntalae P. Borirak lost the score of Phetphoonlab P. Srisukarn and Kingphet P. Borirak won the score of Messy Chitmuengnon.

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