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Guarantee the quality of the muay thai channel 7 of Thailand committees. @ 2013-11-18

The Aunt Mu or Somyod Arunmat or the vice referee of TV channel 7 accepted the work of channel 7 committees to give score for Singdam Chokkanna muay thai training camp to tie up with Toto Situubon camp because they viewed with their sights in this way. Then, this judgement is fair because of taking turn to have their talent performance for the couple boxer.

After the committees judged Singdam Chokkanna muay thai training camp to tie up with Toto Situubon camp, it resulted in critics that they had been judged unfairly because of the less performance of Singdam for 7-1 score in the early of 4 rounds. However, Toto should be the winner because of his much performance , especially in his final round. On the other hand, the referees think that this couple boxer should be tie-up with no advantage to each other , so they have their good views that everyone should pay respect to the referees also. This is confirm by Bestmuaythai News .

The vice of channel 7 referees said that " We will talk about the judgement of this master couple boxer between Singdam that tied up to Toto , so everyone should understand first that we have studied for the work of committees according to the regulation of law. Then, it may be in the different way from the muay thai fans to judge this couple boxer , but I am satisfied about this judgement because of the fairness for the referees to judge in this case with no taking side to each one. As the result, I would like everyone to analyze this game precisely to give the fairness to us."

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