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"Phetsemuen muay thai camp" is still the hot one of camps in Thailand . @ 2013-11-04

Wittaya Phetsemuen walked straddle due to his pock again after lose to his boxer however, there are the other 3 great boxers of Phetsumeun mauy thai camp to create the new work , so it should take the importance to any boxer who will gain 100,000 baht first no matter of Morakot , Ploywittaya and Chalarmkhao who now gain 40,000 baht already. So other muay thai camps in Thailand want to have the boxers as same as Phetsumeun camp .

Besides, for the new generation although Yokwittaya Phetsemuen has the worse form , but it can be proudly with the work of the young blood for several boxers , especially for Ploywittaya Rotesurat who had more advantages than his boxer in the fourth round as 40-1 prior to defeat his couple boxer or Phenneung TorPran 49 muay thai camp on last Wednesday. Then, Wittaya would like the muay thai fans to catch the eyes on the form of these 3 new blood boxer of Phensumeun to gain 100,000 baht first because now they gains for each of 40,000 baht already.

Wittaya talked with happiness that "Now, there are the junior boxers of Phetsumeun who still have hot form. Besides, now there are 3 boxers to create the good work ; namely, Ploywittaya who just overcome his couple boxer for 40-1 as well as Morakot Khomsaimai muay thai training camp who overcome Charndate Weeraponyim and Chalarmkhao Kertchalermphob who overcome Prakaiphet J.S.P. Then, it should cheer up that who will gain 100,000 baht at first."

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