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Win all 47 muay thai matches in Thailand ; Sankhom leveled up his Thai boxing degree. @ 2013-09-23

Kodate or Nudang or the head of Puinaidee Thai boxing camp confirmed that for this fight , Sankhom Puideenaidee muay thai training camp or his beloved boxer might face with the top one or Sanooker of Keelanakornsri school who has more experiences than him. On the other hand, Kodate still believes in the fresh form of his boxer to fight without being the loser for sure. Then, he would like to invite the muay thai fans to prove the good performance of Songkhom by watching the game on this Friday of 27th September 2013 at Lumphinee Thai boxing stadium.

Furthermore, Sankhom Puideenaidee muay thai training camp or the amazing beloved boxer of Kodate Nudang or the new blood boxer fighting only 2 years had created the new statistics by winning all couple boxers in 47 fights. Besides, for the latest fight , he could overcome Nidnoi Sitkhrupaew Camp , Taewarit Yaratitawanchai muay thai camp and went to the South to win Rakkantrang of Amphur Muengkantrang in Hadyai prior to have chance for fighting with Sanooker of Keelanakornsri on the forty-eighth match for Suek Phetyindee at Lumphinee Thai boxing stadium supported by Nong Boat broadcasted on this Friday 27th September 2013. Besides, after Kodate has seen the name list of his beloved boxer to fight in the next match , he confirmed that Sangkhom might have his good opportunity to face with the excellent one to become the top one in the future. Then, for this match , he should prepare himself well after he was sent to practice at Sit Benchama muay thai camp in Thaialnd belonging to the senior Dang Khokpho in Padreaw.

Therefore, Kodate made the conclusion that "I would like the muay thai fans to prove the performance of my amazing boxer indeed because I have cheered up for him several times and he always be the winners. Then, for this fight, I allowed him to practice at Sit Benchama boxing camp of the senior Dang Meechatchainoi , so on this 27th September 2013 , Sankhom might fight with his full performance in order to be the winner although it will be his hard task to perform."

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