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If "Khwankhao Rattanabundit camp " is the loser once again in Thailand , he might be removed of the muay thai match. @ 2013-09-16

Champ Sitperm announced confidently that if Khwankhao of Rattanabundit university has lose his game to Pornsanae Sitmonchai muay thai camp for the third time because Porsanae train with Suwit muay thai , he might not let him to fight in another match. Besides, he revealed that "This fight, I have trained Khwankhao well and he has taken a rest fully. Then, it should be confident that he might overcome his couple boxer certainly.

Moreover, on last Sunday evening , the reporters have been revealed from Champ Sitperm or the head muay thai camp of Khwankhao about the preparing for this time that everything will not have any problem. Then, the readiness of Khwankhao might be 100 percents and it is sure that he might get revenge for his couple boxer for sure. However, if for this fight , Khwankhao is still not successful and lose the game to Pornsanae for the third time , I will not let him to fight again in another match.

Champ revealed at the end that "For last 2 fights, I think that my boxer has not taken much a rest and at that time , he had been studying in secondary school. Thus, he couldn't take a rest on the day. However, now he is studying at university , so his body condition is more fit. Then, I am assured that he might be able to overcome his couple boxer ; however, if he has no performance , I will not let him to fight again. On the contrary, on this Tuesday , I am confident that he might get revenge for his couple boxer successfully without afraid of his couple boxer for sure."

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