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Get the right for "Manasak Sitniwat Camp " to postpone his muay thai fight in Thailand. @ 2013-08-19

Om Noi muay thai stadium in Thailand will get the right for Manasak Sitniwat Camp who is unready to fight with Chamuakphet Phetkaserm muay thai training camap in Suek Chao Muai Thai on this Saturday of 24th August 2013 in order to postpone this match into fighting in the next week according to the same thai boxing program.

Now, there is the revealing from Sia Mee or Theerayut Hophrasertkit or the referee of Siam Om Noi thai boxing stadium after Manasak has quitted to fight with Chamuakphet Phetkaserm muay thai training camp in Suek Chao Muaithai on this Saturday of 24th August 2013 at Om Noi boxing stadium. Then, it has the revealing that now Manasak is unready to fight with his couple boxer affecting to the result of Weber program ; however, as I am the executive , I will give the right for Manasak to postpone his game to fight in the next week without giving any chance more. Thus, if he postpone the game again , he will be failed of the match without having any chance to fight in this match anymore also."

The referee of Om Noi said that "Recently , I have been informed that Manasak is hurt from training muay thai in his muay thai camp which makes him not ready to fight , so it should postpone this game for 1 week. Thus, I have informed this subject to the last meeting and everyone viewed that Manasak never get this right before , so he can wait for fight in the next week. However, for the next fight , he should prepare himself well without postponing the game again."

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