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"The S. Thianpho muay thai training camp " revealed his mind to other camps in Thailand . @ 2013-07-29

The lieutenant Ood S. Thianpho revealed that after his boxer or Ball Sangmanee S. Thianpho muay thai training camp had fought in the Amateur Muai Thai Association Thailand program same as other boxers from muay thai camps , he felt impressive that the commander Surakai had given honored to him much although the Lumphinee muay thai stadium might be the greater one than his own. However, the commander never bluster him in any way.

The well-known head boxing camp in this age or the lieutenant Ood or Sutthichai Thianpho had given the news to Muai Siam Daily after he had brought Sangmanee S. Thianpho muay thai training camp or the excellent boxer in 2 muay thai stadium to move into fighting for the Amateur Muai Thai Association Thailand program belonging to the army that now there is someone who protest in this way also not to let Sangmanee to fight in this program due to afraid of affecting to Thai boxing. However, I have considered in this case precisely and believe that it won’t have any problem if we take care of our boxer in the good way. Then, although it will be hard , it will be alright.

Besides, the lieutenant Ood is still confident that Ball will be the winner in this match absolutely with his talent and my supporting. Then, I have made my decision to send him for fighting in this program ; moreover, now I am very delighted after the commander Surakai Chatumat had honored me by letting my boxer to fight in this program , so I would like to thank for him including of the parents of Sangmanee much."

"Yang" will be exciting.

"Sia Wat Hollywood" told Sia Yang to be ready for setup the big match of Khunsuek Takulyang plus Wathollywood broadcasted on this Tuesday of 13rd August 2013 in the excellent way ; he will support fully by bringing full boxers with many muay thai camps to fight in this match no matter of Phettawee , Phetuthong , Phetbankhwag , Chankit and Rungrat. However, it should wait for 3-4 days for make the lists of them and inform this subject to the Thai boxing fans to be exciting.

Moreover, now there is the hot news that Sia Yang or Surapon Naratreekul or the owner of Khunsuek Takulyang thai boxing program of Lumphinee muay thai stadium in Thailand will setup the new program on this 13rd August 2013 for making the Thai boxing fans to be favor. Then, besides from Sia Mai Bangkapi who is the good supporter , there will be others supporter from Phayao province or Sia Wat Hollywood and Chit Tharnsiriphaisarn to assist in this case. Then, Sia Yang will have his opportunity to aid in this subject too.

In addition, there will be other boxers to join in this big match no matter of Phettawee S. Kittichai , Phetuthong A. Khwanmeung , Phetbankwag S. Sommai , Chankit Aekbangtrai Camp , Rungrat Wathollywood , Witsanuporn Sujibameekaew muay thai training camp , Chanaphet 91 Rungroat , Lomtalay Sitsoreung Camp , Taksinlek Kertniwat , Nichao Suwit muay thai gym and Olay Sitniwat muay thai training camp , but now it is the way to screen all of them excellently and wait for 3-4 days to be sure about this case. On the other hand, it would be great and makes the Thai boxing fans to be exciting for sure.

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