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"Onechana" confirmed from Thailand that Sangmanee SorThianpho muay thai trianing camp can't win him absolutely. @ 2013-05-19

At A. Bunchai revealed that Onechana A. Bunchuai or his boxer is waiting for get revenge for 5 years now , so on this 10th May in 2013 , he has his good attention to overcome Sangmanee SorThianpho muay thai trianing camp of course because of his well preparedness.

Moreover, it can create good attention much after Sia Tung or Phiyarat Wachirarattanawong from Thailand had gathered all well-known boxers to prove their performance in Suek Phetphiya on this Friday of 30th May in 2013 at Lumphinee muay thai stadium. Besides, the meeting between the excellent boxer of the year or Sangmanee SorThianpho muay thai trianing camp with the hot form of this age or Onechana A. Bunchui muay thai camp has been caught the eyes on specially because this couple boxer is the great of this age.

Recently for last Monday evening , the reporters of Muai Siam and had been revealed from At A. Bunchui or father of Onechana or the champion boxer that now Onechana had prepared himself excellently and he had waited for this game for 5 years. Then, he is so glad much to join in this game and I would like to thank for the promoter to give this chance to us. In addition, when Onechana was 30 kilograms , he had fought with Sangmanee for 3 times by tie at Chaiyaphoom for once time and turning over to get lost and be the winner at Korat. Then, for this time , it can prove the performance that who will be the real winner. On the other hand, recently I wouldn't like to say that we had been cheated, so for this time, they will fight in the standard muay thai stadium. Thus, I am confident in fairness process and this fight I am assured that Onechana will be the winner for sure after waiting for 5 years."

Sangmanee is the best boxer in Thailand in his weight . Although he is just teenage and he must go to school so it make him don't have the time to much for training muay thai .
Onechana is training in every days with hard muay thai course . Becuase he want to figh with Sangmanee and his trainer know it is the difficult match for him .

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