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"Sia Mu" names for the challenge boxing lists. @ 2013-05-05

Sia Mu Phuket has supported the famous star in his muay thai camp ; namely , Mondam S. Weerapon muay thai training camp to face with Aekmongkul of 5 stars chicken daewyim. Besides, the muay thai fans who really like knee boxers shouldn’t miss to watch for another different program boxer or Panomrunglek Kertmu9 muay thai camp facing with Meethee Sorchor Toipadreaw that will make this program more exciting also.

In addition, for Suek One Weerapon setup on this end of the month broadcasted on this Tuesday of 30th April in 2013 , Sia Mu Phuket or Weerapon Panchui has made the lists of boxer from many muay thai camps in Thailand and Phuket as these following details ; namely , the common couple boxers beginning with Phetnarin Luakkhaonanai facing with Banlangngen Phetpanomthuan muay thai camp, Sanukker of Keelanakornsri school facing with Young Man of Trang S. Samchai , Pinthong B. Chongcharean muay thai gym facing with Somraknoi Pornnangrong , Chansuek Sakkhongkamrai facing with Khundaew Payakkhampan and Thanuthong S. Chokkitchai facing with Phetsongmeung P.K. Tawan as well as the second couple boxer beginning with Panomrunglek Kertmu9 muay thai training camp facing with Meethee Sorchor Toipadrew muay thai Camp and the master couple boxer beginning with Mondam S. Weerapon muay thai training camp facing with Aekmongkol of 5 stars chicken deawyim , Andrew Weeraponyim facing with Two Newluaktakfa and Chatploy S. Phoonsawat gym facing with Phanmongkol S. Taweewat.

Besides, Sia Mu confirmed that "I have made the lists of these boxers fully prior Songkran day. In addition, for one master couple boxer or Mondam facing with Aekmongkol , Mondam might bargain weight for 1 pound to Aekmongkul for sure. Then, if anyone who really like the knee boxer , he or she shouldn't miss for this program to be joyful. On the other hand, for one second couple boxer or Panomrunglek , although he just failed for being the World Champion boxer , for this time , he will face with his different program boxer which makes this program to be more exciting of course."

Many muay thai fans want to watch the fight between Mondam and Aekmongkul . So on night fight will have many Thai people in the muay thai stadium to cheer their fighters .

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