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"Lamnampong" would like to overcome Muengthai. @ 2013-04-20

Lamnampong or Yeantawanna man doesn’t care that Muangthai S. Bunyiam muay thai training camp might be tall or short as well as having his fresh form or not. However, he believes that he might overcome Muengthai to create for his new history of muay thai broadcasted on this 18th April in 2013 for sure. Then, the muay thai fans shouldn't forget to watch for this couple boxer at Rachadamnern muay thai stadium soon.

For Suek OneThongChai in Thailand during Songkran day broadcasted on this Thursday of 18th April in 2013 , there might be the master couple boxer that everyone would like to watch for named "Lamnampong" or "Yeantawanna man" who will face with Muengthai S. Bunyiam muay thai training camp or the knee boxers from SuekKertphet that never meet each other before to fight with each other for sure. Then, it is hardly to predict that who will be the winner ,but it might be amused of course. On the other hand, Chamnong Muengseema is confident that Lamnampong might have his more advantages with his experience. Then, he is confident that Lamnampong might overcome Muengthai with high ratios. However, he still wonders that why Lamnampong had lost to Ponkit Ch. Chienkamon Camp. Thus, if Lamnampong can defeat Muengthai , he will face with Ponkit Ch. Chienkamon Campto prove for his talent again by the supporting of the promoter of Thongchai Rattanasuban.

Then, Lamnampong should overcome Muengthai to face with Ponkit in the next fight.

On the contrary, for other couple boxers of Suek OneThongChai broadcasted in this 18th April in 2013 there might be full of the small size boxers that the muay thai fans shouldn’t miss; namely,Sanchai T. Laksong muay thai camp to protect for his champion with Raktemroi Wisutchareanyon ,Phetlamsin Kertponthip to face with Sankeng Nuicafaeboran muay thai traingin camp , Dedkhad P. Pongsawang to face with Kumarnkoi S. Chitphakdee and others. As the result, the muay thai fans should watch for this program of Suek OneThongChai at Rachadamnern muay thai stadium on this 18th April in 2013 and they shouldn't miss this significant program because many muay thai camps .

The muay thai match between Muengthai and Ponkit is broadcast by , so everyone in thailand can watch the muay thai fight and muay thai training form them .

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