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Hope to defeat "Phetmorakot" @ 2013-02-02

Odd Phibun revealed that he has sent Phetmorakot W. Sangphraphai muay thai camp to train in Phetyindeeacademy muay thai training camp for several months in order to let him for gaining new experiences. Moreover, he has best regarded to thank for Sianao or Mit Nakorn or Nongboat for take care or support Phetmorakot well until having the chance to grasp for the champion of 122 pounds again on this 29th January at Lumphinee muay thai stadium.

Besides, Phetmorokot W. Sangphrapai muay thai camp or the good knee boxer from Phathumthani province of Thailand and had defeated Luakman Phonchangchonburi muay thai camp and Tingthong Ch. Khaoyuhaisuzu with beautiful form. Then, Sianao has push up him to grasp for the champion of 122 pounds of Thailand from Thong Phuidee Naidee as being the master couple muay thai boxer in Suek Phetyindee broadcasted on this 29th January 2013 at Lumphinee muay thai stadium. Later, the reporters of Muai Siam Daily had received the news from Odd Phibun or the head boxing camp who takes care of Phetmorokot that he will send Phetmorakot to train in Phetyindeeacademy boxing camp with the management of Nongboat again because in the past he had defeated the couple boxers for 2 fights continually when he had trained in this boxing camp. Then, he should gain more experiences and have more sights about boxing also.

Odd revealed that for the first subject , he has to thank for Sia Nao or Mit Nakorn or Nong boat to support and take care of Phetmorakot well until he has the good chance to grasp the champion from Thong Phuidee Naidee on this 29thJanuary 2013. Moreover, for sending him to train in Phetyindee , it should be the same way for the third fight of him and the reason about this way is to let him have the new experiences differing from training in the countryside to face a lot of people and the high building also. In addition to, he hopes that Phetmorakot might grasp for the champion for this weight after he has been the champion of 105 pounds before. In addition to, for the boxing program on this 29th January 2013 , Sia Nao has made the boxer lists fully and there will be other couple boxers beyond of Thong and Phetmorakot , such as Superlek W. Sangphraphai fighting with S. Weerapon , Faseethong T. Thepsuthin fighting with One Chachana A. Bunchui , Maphichit Sitsongpheenong fighting with Phetthongdee , Cinbeemuaithai Nin Siam Ch. Khaoyaisuzu fighting with Phanphayak Khoakchangai and others.

Odd Phibun like muay thai and want to have good muay thai boxer . But he don't have the trainers to teach his boxers . So he find many muay thai training camps in Thailand . Then Phetmorakot W. Sangphraphai need to train at Phetyindeeacademy camp in many months .
W. Sangphrapai muay thai training camp have many Thai professional muay thai boxers in the camp . Becuase the boss of camp is the big police and is rich man . Today Phetmorokot is the last new boxers .
The W. Sangphraphai muay thai camp have many muay thai boxers . However Sia Nao and Mit Nakorn like Phetmorakot . Then he always compete in every months .

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