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10 Big match 67 years at Rajadamnern muay thai ring @ 2012-12-29

Sommai Sakulmetta open a S.Sommai and T.Chaiwat war on Wigair anniversary founding day 67 years on 24 December 2012. This is a greater and splendor boxing more than every year. The cost of ticket is not determined so we want a comment and meet the demand of most muay thai fans certainly. I will let a manager and muay thai shirt own arrange about devices. If they not fight, I have a spare boxing already. We will thank you all promoters, Mr. Songchai, Mr.Naon, Chun, Mr.Tui, Mr.Bu and others who offering encouragement and support S.Sommai war. Those are many boxers from muay thai camps to fight at S.Somai war and every muay thai boxer have many muay thai training course .

Sommai muay thai training camp have the many muay thai boxers to train .

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