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Muay Thai training Thailand news @ 2012-09-02

European investors likely to kick start new K1 : 2012-01-01

The modified Muay Thai ring combat sport known as K1 will undergo a complete overhaul in 2012 under new European management that has bought out the original Japanese owners.

K1 became a pillar of stand-up combat when a Japanese promotional group in 1990s launched the 16-man K1 Grand Prix for heavyweight fighters and the K1 MAX for lighter super-welterweights.

Armed with a cashed-up war chest, K1 quickly became a glamorous ring sport but met its match when MMA (mixed martial arts) and Ultimate Fighting _ with a US$1 billion fighting fund _ took the American fight market by storm. Pushed out America K1 began to unravel after posting losses for successive years that resulted in the Japanese investors cutting their losses and leaving the scene. As the K1 mega events in Tokyo faded into oblivion, the appeal of full rules Muay Thai in Japan and elsewhere has been rising.

Superstars come out fighting on thrilling night :2012-01-29

Bangkok's elite fighters drew a capacity crowd to Rajadamnern Stadium last Tuesday for superstar attractions that included Jomthong Chuwatthana, Kongsak Pakorn and 22-year-old sensation Dedkhad Por Phongsawang.

First up was Dedkhad , the unbeatable mini and light-flyweight champion. He went up to 110 pounds against Sangdao Sor Kittichai. And despite giving away inches in height, Dedkhad hammered Sangdao into virtual submission with impressive iron-hard grappling.


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